3 Tips for Installing an Electric Car Charger in Your Garage

Electric Car

Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more and more popular every year. Buyers are attracted to EVs for the quiet ride, elimination of emissions, and the cachet of new technology—and of course, not having to pay for gas. If you have purchased or plan to purchase an electric car, you will also need the ability to charge it. With the help of an electrician, it’s easy to install an Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) in your own garage. 

How to Install an Electric Car Charger in Your Garage

1. Choose the Equipment

EVSE comes in two types: 120-volt or 240-volt. It takes the power and converts it into the form that your electric car’s battery pack accepts. Every EV sold in the U.S. comes with a 120-volt charger, which can plug into a regular wall outlet like any small electrical appliance or device. Level 2 chargers operate at 240 volts, which is what a dryer requires. They will refill your car’s battery faster than Level 1 chargers. However, if your garage does not have a 240-volt outlet, you will need an electrician to install one. 

2. Get Expert Installation

Electrical systems are best left to the experts. If the installation of your EV charger goes wrong, it can damage the vehicle, expose people to electrical shock and result in a fire. A certified professional will have the training to calculate the load on existing circuits and make suggestions about wiring and outlet placement. They will also be aware of any regulations or required permits that must be followed for electrical work. Additionally, your insurance company may require a compliance certificate to pay out in the event of any damage. 

3. Prepare the Garage

EV batteries don’t do well in the cold. Low temperatures can have a significant impact on your electric car’s range and even drain the battery completely in just a few hours. Charging will take more time in the winter. Keeping your car indoors helps, but you can improve the conditions by installing an insulated garage door and sealing any gaps that let in cold air. 

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