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We are certified Generac dealers. We currently offer up to 26 kw stationary units. In addition, we also offer annual service maintenance on new installs and existing generators. As well as, installation of interlock systems and transfer switch systems to work with a portable generator.

A stationary generator installed at a residence.

Residential Generators

There are two types of residential generators, portable and stationary.

Portable generators typically have wheels and can be rolled or carried from one location to another. portable generators range in weight and wattage output. portable generators typically operate on gasoline.

Stationary generators can be much more powerful that portable generators. These are a permanent install on the outside of the home. we set them on either a gravel or concrete pad. These are feed from natural gas. we typically install 18kw or 26kw stationary generators and we are Generac Certified dealers. A 26kw typically has enough power to energize the entire home. with a stationary generator we provide and install an automatic transfer switch. This Device detects the power coming in from the service company and will automatically start the generator when the power goes out.


To have a portable generator power the home there are two options:

Option One: Install an interlock device on the electric panel. For this instal the panel has to be relatively new, within 5 to 10 years old. This device makes it impossible to back feed the electrical service provider with your generator. an outlet is then install on the outside of the home either 30 or 50 amp that the generator can plug into in order to feed power to the panel. This option allows you to bring power to the entire panel, but portable generators are typically not powerful enough to energize the entire home, so specific breakers will need to be turned on and off as to not overdraw from the generator

Option 2: Using a portable generator, install an integral transfer switch. this looks very similar to a sub panel. Several circuits are pre wired into the integral transfer switch. similar to the first option a receptacle is installed on the outside of the home, that the generator will plug into.

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