There are thousands of different fixtures on the market and we can install them all. We typically classify fixtures into 4 categories: flush mount, pendant, chandelier, and track lighting.

Flush Mount Lighting

Lighting Types

A flush mount fixture is a fixture directly mounted to a ceiling or wall.

A pendant is a fixture that hangs by either a chain or rod with one single bulb at the end.

A chandelier is a fixture that hangs by either a chain or rod(s) with several bulbs.

Track lighting requires a track to be installed where light fixtures can then be attached.

Be sure to ask about pricing before picking out your fixtures as some installations are more costly than others due to how complex the fixture is.

For a more modern look, canned or canless lights are the way to go. Canless recessed lights have several benefits: they are L.E.D. (Light-emitting diode) so they don’t have bulbs and they are very energy efficient. They have 5 different kelvin color settings (warm white light, natural white light, daylight white light, cool white light, and sky blue light); we can install them almost anywhere in the home due to their low profile.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be a great way to amplify the exterior of your home. Landscape lighting is available in high voltage and low voltage, although high voltage landscape lighting is less common. High voltage allows us to wire the lighting directly from your electrical system. Low voltage is much more common, and requires a transformer be installed to lower the voltage coming from the home. Landscape lighting comes in many different styles and sizes. Contact us for a free consultation and we can help map out exactly what’s best for you and your home.

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