Remodel & Rewiring

We can handle any remodel (basement, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) or rewire projects. We are also happy to work with your contractor to ensure we bring your dreams to a reality. We offer complimentary consultations and will walk through the entire project with you before you pay a dime.

Rewire projects are major undertakings and we do our best to make them as painless as possible for you. A few reasons to consider a rewire project are knob and tube wiring, unground systems, and aluminum wiring.

Rewire considerations

Knob and tube wiring: this wiring is typically around 100 years old; many insurance companies will no longer cover homes with this type of wiring. This wiring is also ungrounded and may present a shocking hazard.

Ungrounded systems: if you have two prong outlets throughout your home, you likely have an ungrounded wiring system. Ungrounded systems are a major shocking hazard and can also be detrimental to electronics.

Aluminum wiring: this can be a fire hazard because aluminum has a corrosive reaction when pressed against other metals. When this corrosion happens it creates space between conductors and can cause arcing which then can cause fires. There are ways to make an aluminum wiring system safe without doing a total rewire. These methods do require maintenance over time. Be sure to ask your electrician about different options if you have aluminum wiring.

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