Change and Upgrade

An electrical service change/upgrade includes the meter base located outside of your home, as well as your circuit board or electrical panel. Breakers for your panel must match the brand of your panel that has been installed to be considered a proper installation. Grounding for your service is very important for safety. Make sure to have your service inspected for proper grounding.

Panel Upgrades

There are several different brands of electrical panels, we typically use the Siemens brand as we have found it to be the most reliable.

Panel options:

  • 100 amp service: a 100 amp panel is now the minimum allowed to be installed in a home. 100 amps is sufficient to supply a small to medium size home, granted that most of the appliances are gas powered. If you are looking to convert to electric you may want to upgrade your service.
  • 200 amp service: a 200 amp panel is sufficient to power most small- medium sized homes even with electric appliances.
  • 400 amp service: a 400 amp service has 2 200 amp panels and should supply just about any of your residential power needs with ease.

Surge Protectors

Whole house surge protectors are a great way to protect your home from an electrical surge and we install these directly on the electrical panel. An electrical surge can damage your panel and anything plugged in throughout the home, including appliances, t.v.s, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Ask us today about having a surge protector installed to protect your electronics!