Electrical Panels


Did you know it is recommended to have your electrical panel upgraded every twenty years, or when you increase the load by installing new electrical appliances? Loveland Home Solutions specializes in electrical panel changes. Electrical appliances are becoming more common, so it is recommended to have a 200 amp panel in your home. We use Siemens because their manufacturer is extremely reliable. It is crucial to have the same brand of breakers as your panel’s manufacturer in case there is ever an electrical fire. The manufacturer warranty on the panel will not cover anything if the breakers do not match. Some manufacturers such as Federal Pacific or Zinsco/Sylvania are outdated and have been proven to be dangerous. We would be happy to provide you with a consultation to ensure your electrical panel is safe and in great condition. For further reassurance, we also recommend having a (Siemens) surge protector installed on your panel. By doing so, this will ensure that your appliances and electronics will make it if an electrical surge ever occurs.