Cooling and Ventilation

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes! We can replace an existing fan that you currently have, or we can install one from scratch. Ceiling fans are great for creating a draft without running your A/C. They can also help in the winter months by pushing the heat down from your ceiling.

Range Hoods

Range hoods are an excellent way to vent out smoke and odor from your kitchen. Most units can be vented to the outside of the home. If this is not a good option, many units also have a charcoal filter for a ductless option.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are typically installed in bathrooms and are made to remove moisture and odors from the room. It is important to make sure that your exhaust fan is vented all the way to the outside of the home. These fans now come in all shapes, sizes, and additional features such as a heater, humidistat, light, or even a speaker.

Attic and Gable Fans

Both attic and gable fans are units that suck the air out of the attic to eliminate the hot air in your attic and second level of your home. Most are fitted with a thermostat and run automatically, while some units can be remote-controlled. The purpose of these units is to regulate the temperature of the attic during the hot summer months. Cooling the attic this way can help reduce the temperature inside the home.

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is a device that vents are from the house into the attic. With a few windows open in the house this create a really nice breeze. These are ideal for the spring and fall months and allow you to avoid turning the A/C back on. Whole house fans can be installed in any home with an attic space.  There are several different sizes of attic fans and a few different styles. Call us for a free consultation and we can find the best fit for your home.