Meter Main Combo

St. Louis County and surrounding areas will start referencing the 2020 code soon. The new code states that a meter main combo will now be required outside of the home for an extra safety precaution. First responders will now be able to shut off power to the home by the disconnect breaker.  This would make the panel inside of your home a subpanel due to not having the main shut off on it anymore. Typically, there is a red lever on the meter that will shut off the power coming to the house. The main disconnect breaker will stop power within the home. A meter base combo is a device used in electrical installations to house both the electrical meter and circuit breakers. 

Here are some key features and aspects of electrical panel meter main combo units:

  • Meter Socket:
    • The meter socket is the portion of the unit where the electrical meter is installed. It provides a secure and weatherproof enclosure for the meter, protecting it from the elements.
  • Distribution Section:
    • The combo unit typically includes a section for the installation of circuit breakers. This part of the unit allows for the distribution of electrical power to different circuits within the home.
  • Enclosure:
    • The entire unit is housed in a sturdy enclosure that is designed to meet safety and regulatory standards. The enclosure protects the internal components from environmental factors and ensures the safety of both the electrical system and anyone in proximity to it.
  • Utility Connections:
    • The combo unit is connected to the utility’s electrical service lines. These connections allow the electrical meter to measure the incoming power from the utility grid.
  • Meter Reading Access:
    • The design of the unit allows for easy access to the meter for reading and maintenance purposes. It includes a cover door that can be open when needed.